2008 Ski-Doo Full Model Release

2008 Ski-Doo

About every three to five years each manufacturer releases something extraordinary. Some will introduce a single model the first year and grow it from there, others will decide to make a change across an entire fleet. This year it's BRP's turn. We were allowed to release two models on Feb. 22nd, but Ski-Doo is really offering a total of 35 models and packages and 8 engines. In short, Ski-Doo has a model to fit every need. But before we give you the breakdown, let's recap what the XP has to offer.

The REV-XP is Ski-Doo's latest chassis. It is considerably lighter than the REV chassis, which was lighter than some other brands on the market. BRP is hanging their hat on lightweight and 2-strokes and the REV-XP is their next gen. This is a new chassis, not a revamped REV, and by new, we mean 100% computer designed. Every piece on the sled fits like a puzzle and once together creates the whole. Not only is this chassis lighter, but BRP engineering tells us that it is 21% stronger torsionally and 37% stronger in flexion. Ski-Doo is listing dry weights on the REV-XP anywhere from 399 lbs. on it's lightest version to 475 lbs. on its GSX Limited Touring two-up.

Aside from many features, one of the biggest features of the REV-XP chassis is its seating position. It gives the rider 8-inches more legroom and doesn't lock you into one position. One of the biggest complaints we've had on the REV is that some people just cannot keep their knees bent back all the time. the XP solves that. Another complaint that I've had, as well as some of my peers, is that the seat on the REV (and other sleds) sits a bit too low, even in the rider-forward designs. The XP seat feels much nicer.


With that recap, let's get into what will be available in the REV-XP chassis, what stays in the REV chassis and where the other BRP chassis' fall in line.


The MX Z has been the staple of Ski-Doo's lineup for many, many years. They are offering it in no less than seven packages. This gives you the new 800R PowerT.E.K. motor, HPG Aluminum Take-Apart shocks, Multi-Function Analog/Digital gauge cluster, hooked bars and electric start. The MX Z X is a 15x120-inch track and the Renegade X a 16x137-inch track.

ski doo mx z bmp ski doo mx z

Full-season offerings include the MX Z Renegade with a 16x137-inch track offered with either the 800R or 600 SDI motor, MX Z Adrenaline with 15x120-inch track with either the 800R or 600 SDI motor, MX Z TNT with a 15x120-inch track and 500SS motor (more on this later), MX Z Trail with the 15x120 and 500SS motor, MX Z 550X with the 15x120 and 550F motor and the MX Z Fan with the 15x120 and 550F motor. The MX Z Renegade, Adrenaline, TNT and Trail all come in the new XP chassis while the 550X and Fan are still in the REV chassis.


When Ski-Doo revealed the MX Z X to us in January, we were amazed. They showed us their Summit X weight and we were also amazed, but then they showed us the new TNT. This is a 597cc, liquid-cooled, with a_?Xa_? package features that weighs in at 399 lbs. dry! The BRP engineers wanted to beat the 400 lb. barrier and they did with this sled. Now that is without electric start, but we're talking a super-light 600-liquid here. You should have seen the jaws drop. We can't wait to ride this featherweight.

snowmobile ski doo mx z tnt
snowmobile Mach Z

Mach Z

Big horsepower is back and remains in the RT platform in the Mach Z. The Mach's 1000 SDI motor puts out about 170-horses. In the Spring you can order the Mach Z in the a_?Xa_? package with the 15x121-inch track, electric start and a Steel Grey Metallic color. In-season you can get it in the Adrenaline package in Black with a 15x121-inch track or the LT model (originally the Renegade 1000) with a 16x136-inch track.

The RT chassis is a lower and more relaxed version of the REV platform. Seating position is still low, but somewhere between the REV and the new XP chassis. This sled is way fun on the trails and across a lake. One squeeze of the throttle and you'll fall in lust with the power.


While they were at it, BRP decided to give the GSX the XP upgrade. This comes in four packages; GSX Limited Touring two-up ready with all the bells and 600 SDI, GSX Limited solo-touring with the 800R or 600 SDI motor, GSX Sport with the 500SS motor and GSX Fan in the REV chassis with the 550F motor. Both Limiteds get the new Red and Slate color scheme while the Sport is Black and Slate and the Fan is Black.

snowmobile GTX


The GTX stays in the REV chassis and is available in three packages. The GTX Limited with the 600 SDI gets everything it had last year in a Cranberry Red and Black. The GTX Sport is offered on the 600 SDI and 500SS motors and gets an upgraded shock package next year. It comes in Black or White and Labrador Blue. The GTX Fan is your budget luxury cruiser with the 550F and is offered in Black or White and Labrador Blue.


The pinnacle Summit Highmark X can only be ordered in the Spring. It has the tried and true 1000 motor and is in the REV RT chassis. It has the 16x162-inch track and remains unchanged from last season other than the Steel Grey Metallic and Black color. The new Summit X in the XP chassis is another Spring-only order and it gets the same XP features we talked about in our initial release. It has the new 800R motor and is offered in three track lengths; 16x146, 154 or 163-inch. You can also choose from Yellow and Slate or Black and Slate colors.

Summit BMP Snow Mobile Summit

In-season models include the Everest, which we covered briefly in our initial release. This model is in the XP chassis and has the 800R motor and 16x146-inch or 16x154-inch track lengths. It comes in Black and Slate.

The Summit Adrenaline is in the REV chassis and has the 600 SDI motor and 16x144-inch track. The Summit Fan is also in the REV and has the 550F motor and a 16x136-inch track.

снегоход Ski-Doo Summit 2008
snowmobile BMP Legend snowmobile BMP Freestyle

Legend and Freestyle

The Freestyle comes in three packages; the Session, which is the original 300F Freestyle in Orange and Smoke and a 121-inch track, the Back Country with the 550F with a 16x136-inch track in either White and Red or Black and Smoke, and the Park with the 550F motor and a 121-inch track in White and Red. The Park also gets hand guards.In the RF chassis you'll find five packages in these two models. First, the Legend Touring and the Trail. Both of these have the Rotax V-800 4-TEC, four-stroke motor. Our team found this motor fit this chassis very well last year. The Touring is a two-up and the Trail is a solo. Both are offered in the Labrador Blue and Smoke color.

The Freestyle comes in three packages; the Session, which is the original 300F Freestyle in Orange and Smoke and a 121-inch track, the Back Country with the 550F with a 16x136-inch track in either White and Red or Black and Smoke, and the Park with the 550F motor and a 121-inch track in White and Red. The Park also gets hand guards.

снегоход Legend и Freestyle


BRP's utility segment consists of two models in seven packages. The Expedition TUV is the luxury utility with either the V-800 or 600 SDI motor. It now comes in the Yeti II platform and a 20x156-inch track. Choose your color from Black or Deep Red and Black. The Expedition Sport is in the RF platform and is offered with the V-800 or 550F engine and a 16x136-inch track. It comes in Black and Smoke.

snowmobile Utility снегоход BMP Utility Ski-Doo Utility
BMP SkiDoo Utility
snow mobile Utility Photo

The Skandic SUV is also now in the Yeti II and comes with either the 600 SDI or 550F and in Black only and with a 20x156-inch track. The Skandic SWT is in the Yeti II and is offered with the V-800 or 550F engine. It has a 24x156-inch track and is available in Yellow and Black. The Skandic WT is offered with the 600 or 550F motor and has a 20x156-inch track and comes in Yellow and Black. The Skandic Tundra LT is in the RF platform and is available with either the V-800 or 550F engines and has a 16x154-inch track. And last, but not least is the Skandic Tundra in the RF with either the V-800 or 550F and a 16x136-inch track.

As you can see this is a short synopsis of the offering from Ski-Doo for 2008. We don't have a lot of comments since we weren't able to ride any of these models other than two of them, and we gave those comments in our initial release. Still, we think BRP has quite a wide spectrum of models, almost too many to choose from in some categories. They still offer the most horsepower and now the lightest chassis. If you want to get your hands on an X package or included electric start on your sled, head to your Ski-Doo dealer. They are also offering demo rides in some areas of the new machine and I encourage you to try it out and compare it to the original REV. I happen to like the new XP platform.

3/4/2007 - Shane Zeppelin pub@maxsled.com


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